25 November 2006

Nam June Piak, "Video Garden"

The following photographs are of Nam June Piak's "Video Garden" in the K21 Kunstsammlung Dusseldorf. These are taken with a camera phone, so they are not the greatest of quality. Wish I had a video of the installation, with sound, it is absolute magic.

Another great work in the K21 is "Mann und Maus" by Katharina Fritsch. There is a picture of this work and another work ("Monk, Doctor, Dealer") that I found here - http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/p/m/1c620a/

PS Beuys is shit. Indescribably shit.

Please also see the gallery of photos we took of the work "Volume" that we saw at the V&A in Dec 2006;

Volume at V&A

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