28 October 2005

Yo yo the Grey Butcherbird

This is one of the two Grey Butcherbirds that hang around in our back garden. We call them both "Yo-yo" after the various calls they make. One is shy and retiring and the other - seen here - is as bold as brass. From their colourings (more buff than grey), we think the two butcherbirds are juveniles. There are also some Pied Butcherbirds in the area, they sing absolutely beautifully in the early morning. However they keep their distance. Because of the butcherbirds though, we can't leave the budgerigars unattended in their cage out on the back deck - Butcherbirds are predators of nestlings (look at that big sharp hooked beak) and a captive budgie would make a tasty snack.

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